10 rules of creative organization

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After reading “Creativity INC. ” (Ed Catmull) I have collected for you the most important golden rules of Pixar’s creativity.

1. Always hire people smarter than you.

2. If there are people in your organization who think that they can’t speak open and suggest new ideas – you will lose.

3. As a manager, you must constantly provoke employees to share ideas with you.

4. Remove obstacles blocking mindfulness.

5. If there is anxiety in the organization, this cause by something – you must find it, understand it and try to remove it

6. If more truth is told in the corridors of the company than in meeting rooms, you have a problem.

7. Many managers think that if they are not informed about the problems first or if they acknowledge them during meeting, it is a sign of disrespect – forget about it!

8. Do not follow illusion that by preventing mistakes you will fix anything. The truth is that the cost of preventing errors is often much bigger than the cost of repairing them.

9. Failure is not a necessary evil. Oh, this is not even bad. This is an obvious consequence of doing something new.

10. Trust does not mean that you have to believe that someone will do everything right- it’s about trusting people even when their legs get stuck.

Check if you already act like this, if not – maybe wort to change ?

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